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Trek - Kat Ki Naw

If you are an adventure lover who loves to trek the high hills and live with high adrenaline levels,

₹1500Per Person

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Paramotor Sailing

People go for adventurous outdoor activities, typically for the purposes of recreation or excitement

₹2000Per Person

Mountain Safari

Isn't it exciting to go for a mountain safari to explore the landscape, picturesque desert scen

₹4000Per Person

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Night Safari

Embark on an adventure after dark at the Night Safari, an open zoo that houses over 2,500 creatures

₹4500Per Person

River Rafting in Jim Corbett National Park

River Rafting is a spine-tingling sport and the water of Kosi River in Corbett offers just that.

₹1500Per Person

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Are you planning a trip to Jim Corbett?

For sure, Jim Corbett is home to a number of adventure activities and places that you can take part in and travel to. But how sensible can it be to stroll down the streets looking for the perfect spot where you want to be?

It’s a fact, whenever you visit a place, you want to make the most out of your trip. Whether it’s about enjoying a drink with your partner or boozing and dining with your best friends, the activities that you participate in largely determine the amount of fun that you have.

But do you know about the most popular, joyful and adventurous activities that you can enjoy in Jim Corbett? If yes, this page may help you find out more. And if no, this page will be the holy grail to guide you.

Whether you are travelling with your friends, family or all by yourself, the following activities will give you a great time in Jim Corbett.

- Activities catalogue -

More to Do In Jim Corbett

If the adventures in the above catalogue don’t suit your taste or desires, here’s a bunch of some cool happenings in Jim Corbett that you can be a part of.

Bonfire Party: While booking your hotel through our services, you can make your ask so we can shortlist hotels based on whether or not they host bonfire parties.
It’s a great experience that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Riverfront Dining: If you are a romantic, you are going to love to enjoy your partner’s company over a romantic dinner by the riverside.

River Rafting: Here’s another fun activity for you. If you love rivers, Jim Corbett will always have a lot for you. Enjoy an unmatched rafting experience with your friends or family.
We’d love to guide you through all your escapades.