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Canter Safari

₹1600/ Person

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1 Canter can accommodate upto 16 peoples

Zones Available

  • Dhikala


Canter Safari in Jim Corbett National Park

Visit Jim corbett national park, where tigers rule from the east. Situated in the foothills of the Kumaon Himalayas, near Ramnagar Corbett national park, was the first Timberland Reserve of its kind, built in 1936 through the patrons of Jim corbett. Jim corbett national park likewise makes for an essential leisure goal. For couples who are comfortable with themselves, what better way to get to know your spouse than to sit outside while watching a tiger. Thick backwoods spread and calls for wild brutes and fouls help in an extraordinary and passionate climate, perfect for holiday memories.

Spread over 520 sq km with a center area of 330 sq km Jim corbett national park, Jim corbett national park consists of mixed deciduous and salty backwoods and expands the praises of the savanna where impala, chital, boar deer and sambar are found.Rhienous monkeys are universal, reptiles have long been found on the earthen banks of the Ramganga.

The Jim corbett canter safari in the Dhikala zone of Jim corbett national park is a Jim Corbett canter safari guided by Project tiger only, which can be monitored if given prior notice with ID proof. Ramnagar or Dhangari Gate Jim corbett cantar safari has two entrances. The surrounding of Dhikala has the most attractive panoramic views of the valley.

Dhikala zone:

The Dhikala zone in Jim corbett national park is the finest and most notable jeep safari zone, and the gate of this jeep safari zone is called Dhanari entrance. Dhikala safari zone is an ideal place where visitors can open their heart, mind, body and soul to open nature. Dhikala offers the sightseeing, for the visually impaired, to take a spectacular perspective of a completely untamed life. Dhikala is a visitor zone located in Jim corbett national park where you will hear the sweet, sweet fruit to talk about the chirping, rich and regular scent of winged creatures, but not the true vibe. A Jim corbett canter safari drive through the unbroken footpaths at the intersections is delighted with the exposure of wild elephants, chital, boar deer and some rich prairie species and apparently raptors. The old rest house of Dhikala in the Dhikala zone is a remarkable structure that has been assembled for more than a hundred years. Like the alternate fields of Jim corbett to give away the terrarium gives a terrific view of the widely varied flora.

Jim corbett canter safari in Dhikala.

Jim Corbett canter safari tour is cheaper as compared to Jeep safari in Jim Corbett if by chance you are traveling alone. Jim Corbett canter safari is directed twice a day. The sailors can go to the Dhikala zone by a canter with around 18 passengers and start from Ramnagar in the morning and evening. These tours are called Ramganga Conducted Tours and are permitted by the administration of Jim Corbett national park. Voyeurs can also climb to Ramnagar or Dhanagadi doors.

Jeep Safari in Jim Corbett is an Best Things of Your Journey

Once the visitors crossed the Dhangadi entrance, they crossed the Jim Corbett jeep safari. It is worth noting here that vacationers, who take safaris, should plan to stay overnight in the park. An extravagant safari includes Dhikala canter safari, which will take the violators via the Specialty Trail. The canter is booked once in the morning to send passengers from Ramnagar and the second journey is done in the evening.

It takes about 5 hours of jeep safari to pass through the Dhikala zone. This is the main accessible decision for guests of the day to investigate Dhikala's unprecedented untamed life. In addition, the largest 4 lopes can move inside the zone in isolation. Corbett tiger hold master guide and Backwoods Shooter likewise accompany visitors inside Jim Corbett National Park. It is necessary to note that Dhikala Jim Corbett canter safari is booked ahead of time or with pre-planned thinking.

Procedure for Booking Jim Corbett Safari in Corbett National Park:

The administration of Jim Corbett national park obliges all travelers to obtain permission authorization from government officials to visit the recreation center. On the off chance that you need to take a day trip, permission may be given from the respective Jim Corbett national park itself. It is not allowed to go through the Dhikala area during the day. An exemption for this is only granted when tourism is headed in a safari sorted by the administration of Corbett tiger reserve. Additionally, only guests who have prior permission at Dhikala can enter this limited area. Jim Corbett safari booking can also be done online on the official website of Corbett national park.

Dhikala is the most restricted area in Jim Corbett. Travel can be done during the day through canter with government permission or open buses only. Booking has to be done before stopping overnight in Dhikala and passengers have to travel by their own vehicles.

For Jim Corbett canter safari book with our Jim Corbett safari Booking team, there is a need to send details well in advance to avoid the hassle of commuting to the park as there is a limit to the number of vehicles allowed, especially during peak months of tourism. The same ID has to be taken during the Jim Corbett safari. A photo ID for both Indian and foreign nationals is required for advance Jim Corbett safari booking. However, when you decide about Jeep safari in Jim Corbett, it would be appropriate to apply to the Forest Department.


1. ID proofs of all members are mendatory for booking confirmation
3. Visitors must carry their respective ID's while visiting for safari, which they have provided for    bookings
4. ID's will be cross checked at the entry gate and it must be same otherwise visitors will not be allowed to enter

Terms & Conditions

1. 100% of the total amount is required for the bookings
2. Balance amount has to be paid before on boarding
3. No cancellation is provided once safari is booked in any case
4. Visitors has to reach on time at the safari spot, reaching late or any kind of delay may result to no entry at the gate, for which visitors will be solely resposible
5. No insurence is provided of any kind
6- Any complaint or issue about the stay has to be addressed to the management of CTR only
7- We are a private organization that deals in providing bookings & safari/tour packages of Jim Corbett. We are not directly affiliated with Corbett National Park by any means.



6 >Childrens <11 will be charged with 50% without seat


Step 1-

  • •Seletct the desired Date, Zone, Shift, Adults & Childrens(6-12 yrs) & click on CONTINUE TO BOOK

Step 2-

  • •Registration form will open
  • •Fill the required details to register & create your password to login further with your email address
  • •Place the booking

Step 3-

  • •You will recieve an e-mail and sms of your placed booking request
  • •Our representative will call you shortly or you can call us after placing the booking

Step 4-

  • •After discussion & checking availablity with our representative you will need to make the payment on the PAY NOW BUTTON at footer of our website
  • •Keep the IDs of all visitors ready as IDs are mendatory for bookings

Step 5-

  • •After making payment, you will recieve a confirmation e-mail of your booking
  • •And you can also check your booking status by login into your account by typing your mail address & passward in login section at the upper right corner

Some FAQ's

Go to jimcorbettbooking.in you can find canter safari booking option here. Fill the details and book the safari. Once we receive your booking our representative will get back to you with the availability of your required dates slots & zones or you can call us. Once confirmed you can make the advance payment you will get a confirmation email & sms. OR you can also put a query about the availability of jim corbett safari.

Canter safari usually take 5-6 hours is best for exploring world famous Dhikala zone which is known as paradise of wildlife & landscape at very cheap price as otherwise you have to stay inside for doing jeep safari in this zone. So, Canter safari is good option for couples & groups for day visit in Dhikala. It is also good for people who can not stay inside the zone but want to visit the majestic Dhikala zone safari.

Jim corbett has 8 zones but one of the famous zone world wide is Dhikala zone. Dhikala canter safari offers a chance to day visit this zone filled with majestic landscapes & rare species of wildlife. This safari is feasible for people who can not stay inside the zone or have a large group who want to safari together as 1 canter can accommodate upto 16 people.

Dhikala zone is the only zone where canter safaris run. No other zone of jim corbett national park has canter safaris. And of course Dhikala zone is the best zone.

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Nearby Attractions

Places that you can visit

Garjiya Temple

Legends belive that Garjiya Devi is the incarnation of Goddess Parwati, daughter of King of the Mountains Himalaya also known as Giriraj.

14 kms

Suspension Bridge

Around 150-years old suspension bridge, also known as the Jhula Pul, is one of the prime tourist attractions near the Dhikuli village of Ramnagar.

10 KMs

Museum - Dhanghari

The Dhangarhi Museum is situated near Dhangarhi gate. It is one of the major attractions of the tourists.

30 KMs

Museum - Kaladhungi

The name of the town Kaladhungi orginates from a place where black dunga (stone) is found. Black refers to the iron content in the stone found in Kaladhungi.

30 KMs

Hanuman Dham

Hanuman Dham is situated in Ramnagar in the midst of quiet and peaceful encompassing. This is an unquestionable requirement visit fascination in Ramnagar region and the sanctuary is devoted to Lord Hanuman.

8 KMs

Corbett Falls

Developed as a picnic spot for tourist, Corbett Water Falls is surrounded by dense teak wood forest which extends its natural beauty. Sound of the waterfall makes perfect melody with chippings of the birds.

35 kms

Himalayan View Point

Mesmerizing scene of Himalayas coverd with white sheet of snow can be seen from the Jim Corbett. It is situated at the mohan to Marchula range on the way to Durdevi Zone of Jim Corbett National Park. The distance of this point is around 35 kms from corbett city Ramnagar.

40 kms

About Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is the oldest National Park and the first tiger reserve in the country, named after the hunter and convervationalist Jim Corbett which is located in Ramnagar in the district of Nainital, Uttarakhand, India. The Park is considered to be the paradise for the wildlife lovers in India as well as those from abroad. Built in the year 1936, Jim Corbett National Park was before independence known as Hailey National Park and today which is a part of Corbett tiger reserve. It is the first Tiger Reserve established under Project Tiger in 1973, famous for being a protected zone for the critically endangered Royal Bengal Tiger of India which makes a trip to this even more special. No wonder ,the park is considered one of the safest and most visited ecotourism destinations in India.