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According to Corbett National Park pollution norms policy. These open top off road 4x4 vehicles are best suited for the rugged terrain of Corbett National Park with our professional & experienced wildlife trained drivers and the knowledgeable Park Nature Guides, who accompany you for these Trips are well versed with day to day changes of wildlife movement, ensure that your Jeep Safari experience is beyond what you have imagined.

about us is a travel agency which deal with packages of Jim Corbett as Touris Destination & provide tailored packages for safaris & night stays in Corbett National Park & Nearby Resorts, it is owened by Corbett Destination Safaris & Tours and this is the unit of Mohd Altamash.

Jim Corbett National Park is widely known for its rich natural heritage in flora and fauna. Sinuous River Ganga and the splendor of its landscape add beauty to it. The park has become a cynosure of every tourist eye Elusive tiger, Leopards, Wild animals are the main attractions besides other mammal and bird species. There are many national parks in India but only few of them contain basic lodging facilities and one of them is Dhikala. The location of the site is astonishing. One who is wildlife enthusiast has no better option than to stay at Dhikala Forest Lodge and see the beauty of that place. We at Corbett Destination Safaris & Tours provides professional standard of service and are fully adept in providing luxury in the wilds. The Elephant ride from Dhikala is the ultimate experience in wildlife which also provides you with the opportunity to shoot a tiger. The park contains a wide variety of bird species and is considered as one of the
true bird parks in the world. Corbett tiger reserve is one of India’s richest wilderness areas and it encompasses an area of 1288.34 sq km, which includes two protected areas i.e. Corbett national park and Sonanadi Wildlife sanctuary. The park is situated in two districts i.e. Nainital and Pauri which lies in the hill state of Uttarakhand in northern India. It covers an area of 521 and with the neighbouring sonanadi wildlife sanctuary it covers the area of 1288 sq. km. The most famous of Corbett’s wild life are Bengal Tiger and the Asiatic Elephant. But it is one of the bird regions in India.

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