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Top 10 Luxury Resorts In Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is a place with pride for Uttarakhand; it is also one of India's fantastic places. It is known worldwide as a tiger reserve for its stunning scenery. Many people from around the world visit this park every year. This park was initially called Hailey National Park and was renamed in honor of the founder, James Corbett. One of the fascinating national parks in India features 33 different types of reptiles, over seven different kinds of amphibians, and several different types of fish.

There are 488 different types of flowers and plants on the grounds of the park and the animals. The choice of how to explore Jim Corbett national park is yours if you visit the park. When looking for accommodations in Jim Corbett national park, you will most likely be excited. Below you will find the top 10 luxury hotels & resorts in Jim Corbett.

Let's enter the wilderness with a thrill and explore the area with comfortable accommodation.


Enjoy the calmness of the Kosi river and Sitabani Hills directly from your hotel room if you are staying in Namah Resort. A very startling place for nature lovers to adore the surroundings with the wilderness of Jim Corbett.

The Hridayesh Wilderness Resort

Be it a normal vacation or a destination wedding in Jim Corbett, The Hridayesh is the best place to make your holiday a memorable one. It represents luxury amid the pristine nature of Uttarakhand. Rediscover and explore yourself being in the lap of nature at Jim Corbett.

Aahana Resort

Welcome the Sun with its first ray at Aahana Resort in Jim Corbett. Aahana is a Sanskrit word that means the first ray of the rising Sun. Experience the sustainable hospitality and warmth of the surroundings with the wild sound of Jungles.

Tarangi Jim Corbett

We all know that Jim Corbett is a natural place hugging the greenery and calmness in the environment. Tarangi Resort is the best place to explore the beauty of Uttarakhand along with the thrilling views of tigers around you.

Taj Corbett Resort & Spa

What's more thriller than having a fantastic journey to Jim Corbett and experiencing the luxury of Taj group. It is one of the luxurious resorts where you can find the best accommodation and high-quality services to enjoy your holidays in Jim Corbett.

River View Retreat

Corbett is a place famous for its wild, lush green surroundings and animals. What will be more fantastic than having the same experience when you are sleeping on the bank of the Kosi River and between the mountain? Here is your answer: River View Retreat, A Paradise in the Mountain.

The Den Corbett

Surrounded by the thick Saal trees, The Den Corbett is unique and one of its wildlife resorts in Jim Corbett National Park. You can indulge in the premium accommodation and a panoramic view of the jungle around the hotel.

Pagoda Manu Maharani Resort

Pagoda Manu Maharani Resort is situated very close to the park and is easily accessible for tourists who want to experience the sound of wild being near the National Park. The cottage is made with the ethnicity and regality of Uttarakhand, where you can experience the ethnic luxury of India.

Corbett Machaan Resort

Corbett Machan is the best option when you are willing to experience nature and its proper form. It is located 4Km far from Bijrani Gate, with a lot of chirpings of foreign birds on the premises. Even if you are away from the zone, you can feel the wilderness in the surroundings.

Resort De Curacao

Situated at a distance of just 7 Km from Jim Corbett National Park, Resort De Curacao is the mark of elegance and luxury. You can visit the open space anytime and indulge in the luxury of the surroundings with utmost service.

Jim Corbett is a place of adventure and lifestyle, where you can explore the natural beauty along with the roar of tigers. If you are looking for luxurious accommodation in Jim Corbett, the above top 10 resorts in Jim Corbett will help you be in the feel of nature with tranquility.

Hot Offers

Some Best Deals For You

La Parle (Dhikuli)


₹6500Per Night

River Creek Resort (Mohaan)


₹7000Per Night

Winsome Corbett(Belparao)


₹5500Per Night

Corbett Tigers n Trees(Kiyari)


₹5000Per Night

1 Night 2 Days


₹5000Starting From

2 Night 3 Days


₹8000Starting From

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